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Attendance tracking system

Tracking and maintaining the attendance of your employees.

Attendance Tracker Software

Upkeep employee attendance records

Multi-faceted, robust and distinctive attendance management system


Create and schedule innumerable shifts for employees of different locations, work areas, departments, etc.,


Employees can manually check in or out for a day through the web or OfficePortal Mobile app.


Easily track the real-time attendance of employees in OfficePortal by integrating your biometric devices.


Clubbed with our monitoring tool, the entire Attendance Tracking becomes a fully automated and seamless process.

Efficient Attendance Management Software

Attendance Tracker in OfficePortal helps in tracking and maintaining the attendance of employees of an organisation and is easily customisable. You can easily customise the organisation level or employee level check-in/check-out settings by allowing the necessary attendance system among web, biometric and automatic.

Authorised persons like reporting managers and HR can analyse employees’ attendance records for details like the full-day present, half-day present, on leave etc. They will be integrated automatically with the payroll system

My team attendance
OfficePortal biometric Integration

Integrating Biometric Devices for real-time attendance

The Attendance Tracker System supports integrating the biometric devices of your organisation in different locations. OfficePortal will provide you with the opportunity to track the attendance of your employees in real-time. When biometric devices are offline, unsaved attendance records will get synced automatically once the device is online. When you integrate the biometric device with OfficePortal for the first time, all the back-dated data can be synced with our system, if necessary, by providing the specific date.

Flexible Shift Management

Duty period scheduling becomes trouble-free with our highly intuitive and robust shift management system. Our Attendance Management Software will help you create as many shifts as possible. With the help of our shift reminder engine, you can remind the employees to check in before and check out after the shift work by sending out email and mobile app notifications.

Set up the grace period policy for each shift if required so the employees can be given a proper warning and automatically mark the specific hours or days absent for their late arrivals.

OfficePortal Shifts
OfficePortal Geo fencing

Geo-Fencing Attendance

Employees can quickly sign in or out for a workday with a single click using OfficePortal Web or Mobile app. You can manage employee attendance by allowing them to check in or out from your office, client and field locations by enabling Geo-Fencing. You can set up different geo-location settings for various departments, locations and employees.

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Alex Martinez

Attendance management software is a type of software that helps organizations manage and track employee attendance. The software is designed to simplify the process of tracking time and attendance, making it easier for HR departments to monitor employee attendance patterns, approve time off requests, and process payroll. With attendance management software, organizations can streamline the time and attendance tracking process, reducing the time and effort required to manage employee attendance.

  • Time and Attendance Tracking: The software enables employees to clock in and out using a pc or mobile phone, providing an accurate record of their hours worked.
  • Leave Management: The software allows employees to request time off, which can be approved or denied by HR.
  • Shift Scheduling: The software enables organizations to schedule shifts for employees, ensuring that adequate staffing levels are maintained.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The software provides real-time reports on employee attendance, enabling organizations to track attendance trends and identify potential issues.
  • Mobile Access: With the ability to access the software from a mobile device, employees can clock in and out from anywhere, providing increased flexibility and convenience.

Except you, No one will have access to your data. All the critical data are encrypted and stored.

  • Increased Accuracy: With the use of automated time and attendance tracking, your organizations can reduce the risk of manual errors, ensuring accurate payroll processing and compliance with labor laws.
  • Improved Productivity: The software eliminates the need for manual time tracking, freeing up HR departments to focus on other important tasks.
  • Better Compliance: The software helps organizations meet compliance requirements, reducing the risk of penalties and legal disputes.
  • Reduced Time and Costs: Automated time and attendance tracking reduces the time and effort required to manage employee attendance, resulting in cost savings for the organization.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: By providing employees with an easy-to-use system for clocking in and out, organizations can enhance employee engagement, improving overall employee satisfaction.

Every keystroke and screenshot are encrypted and securely stored on Microsoft Azure Datacenters and can be decrypted only by your organisation.

Yes, You can create as many shifts as you like, and OfficePortal Shift rota software can help you to allocate and plan your shifts.

Yes, the OfficePortal employee attendance software supports various biometric device integrations.

OfficePortal Attendance tracker softer comes as part of the Premium version. The pricing has the details.

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