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Leave management with OfficePortal


Leave management is one of the vital HR tasks which needs the HR team to contribute a significant portion of their time to run it effectively.HR personnel must strike a proper balance between adherence to leave policies and retaining employee satisfaction. Every employee in the organization is entitled to leave or PTO(paid time off) as it is one of the significant benefits.

Problems with manual leave management

Gone are the days when leave management was handled manually by the HR team. A manual leave management system is very tedious, consumes much time, and is prone to several errors. With a traditional method of leave applications, there are chances for delays in acknowledging leave applications and approving those applications. Sometimes managers reject the leaves without specifying the reasons for the same. The employee performance/productively is adversely affected if the leave management system is poor and does not satisfy the employees.

  • Under a manual leave management system, employees are unaware of the organization’s leave policies and balances. It takes much time to retrieve this information manually from the HR team. Not getting timely leave approvals will lead to frustration and dissatisfaction among the employees.
  • Even the managers find it challenging to keep track of leaves applied and approve the pending leaves as they do not have keen insights into the availability of other employees for the specific period.
  • Frequent payroll errors occur if the leaves are not calculated accurately for employees., thus increasing employee dissatisfaction and adversely affecting their productivity.

Need of automated absence management system

It is high time the HR managers must switch to automated leave systems with employee self-service where employees can apply their leaves, track their past leave records and check their leave availability balance at any time.

A good and reliable leave management system is vital for the growth and success of any organization. The employee performance/productively is adversely affected if the leave management system is poor and does not satisfy the employees.

An automated leave management system helps the organization enforce reasonably accurate leave policies contributing to employee satisfaction and enhancing productivity.

Benefits of using OfficePortal leave management system

There are several automated solutions available for managing the leaves efficiently. A good and efficient Leave management system represents the Company’s professionalism and culture. OfficePortal is a one-stop HRMS tool with an efficient Leave Management System.

The leave management system with OfficePortal is available with the following features. Let us understand how managing Leaves with OfficePortal is helpful to both Employees and the employees in the Organization

  • Employees can submit their leave requests online simply by logging into their accounts.
  • Employees/Managers can view the past leave records of leaves and available leave balances anytime.
  • View the list of holidays updated by the Organization
  • View their attendance records anytime
  • Prevent unnecessary compliance issues
  • The managers can view other applied and approved leaves before approving new/recent leave requests.

The employers can add several leaves like sick leave, casual leave, paid leave/earned leaves. Every leave type may be either paid or unpaid leave. With OfficePortal, employers can set different rules for availability, eligibility, encashment for each leave type. The organizations can also set various accruals for each leave type. OfficePortal provides options to avail some leaves to specific genders, departments, or locations. For example, maternity leaves apply to female genders only.

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With advanced leave settings, OfficePortal also provides

  • Option to provide additional leaves to employees either with negative balance or loss of pay.
  • Option to consider the holidays as leaves that fall in between leaves.
  • Option to consider the weekends as leaves that fall in between leaves?
  • An option to set minimum days required to submit the leave application
  • An option to apply leaves during their notice period

Tracking accurate leave records

Manual leave recording is time-consuming and inaccurate while handling many employees’ records in large organizations. With OfficePortal, the process is automated, and there is no room for manual errors. OfficePortal will automatically track and record all employee leave requests and assess each against the employee leave balances. Managers/Employers can instantly view and approve/reject the leave requests when an employee applies for leave.

OfficePortal will also track all outstanding, approved, and unapproved employee leave applications and maintain accurate records for all employees. All the details are updated in the cloud to access these records anytime.  Leave Automation helps to develop a positive relationship between employer & employees, which leads to Organisational growth. 

Helps in reducing/eliminating paperwork

The manual leave Management system requires exorbitant paperwork to maintain accurate leave records. Also, the data may not be accurate or up to date. OfficePortal helps in maintaining precise leave records and in streamlining the leave procedures. All the information related to leave application, approvals, leave balance, carry forward & encashments are stored in one place and help eliminate paperwork and save time.

Legal Compliance

Automating the entire leave management process allows you to record and store information on the cloud. The employers, reporting managers as well as employees get notification alerts through email as well as OfficePortal. In case of any legal compliance, the organization can refer to the saved data to safeguard the Company against litigations raised against the Company.

Business operations and Human resource planning

In any organization, one or the other employee is on leave every other day. But, if many employees from a team or department take a break on the same day, the work gets affected, leading to delay in completing tasks and indirectly adding to increased costs. With OfficePortal, a manager can view the records of previously applied and approved leaves and can thus make wise decisions before agreeing to additional leaves for the same day. OfficePortal leave management system facilitates managers for human resource planning

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