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Performance Management Software

Helps improve the performance of the employees with timely reviews.


Review and share feedback to motivate your employees to perform better

A robust performance management software with a multi-rater feedback system.


Create and customise bucket types for different departments, bands, etc., to evaluate employee performance.


Set goals for the employees, then track and review the progression of those goals.


Raise the employees as many memos as required to communicate anything significant.


Create multiple sets of questions for employees in different departments and bands.

Determine goals for the employees and review them

Create goals for employees for each review cycle and see them thrive to achieve them. Reporting managers will receive notifications automatically when employees update progress in the goals. Managers can review the goal development and provide any necessary comments. This review will inspire them to achieve it within the review cycle. The employees will be notified of such remarks and can advance further in the goal.

Goals and review
Continues review

The continuous performance review system

The annual performance review cycle will not be as effective as regular performance reviews. OfficePortal performance review tool will help you achieve this by allowing you to create half-yearly and quarterly review cycles per your team's requirements. This continuous performance review system will give a proper understanding of the employees based on which you can develop your team and nurture them.

Automatic performance appraisal cycles and their workflow

Performance reviews will happen quarterly, half-yearly, or annually as per your configuration with self and manager feedback. These reviews will help determine annual salary appraisals based on completed goals and the employees' significant contributions.​


Employees will have to finish their self-assessment by answering the assessment questions set for them before the evaluation date

Manager assessment

The manager can finish the employee assessment before or after the employee finishes their review. But it has to be completed before the evaluation date.

One-on-one review

The manager can arrange a one-on-one meeting to discuss the goals completed and the performance rating of the review cycle.

Final acceptance

After the one-on-one discussion, the employee will agree to the manager's review of his performance for the review cycle before or on the final acceptance date.

Automatic Performance Cycle
Review cycle customisation

Customize individual performance cycles

Each department in the organization will have different needs, growth, and challenges at various times of the year. OfficePortal performance review system will allow you to customize each cycle to your needs. Organizations can set separate questions for each department for every review cycle. Tailor-made frequent assessments will help the team to improve their performance.

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Alex Martinez


Performance management is tracking an individual's performance with goals assigned to him, which, at large, contribute to the organisation's overall goals.

OfficePortal is a cloud-based performance management software that helps conduct timely performance management reviews. In an organisation, the employees are usually grouped based on their roles, designation, experience and responsibilities. Such grouping is called Banding. Different employees have different levels of responsibility. Bands are essential for conducting performance reviews in the organisation.

The organisations can customise the assessment questions based on each band in the employee appraisal software OfficePortal. Also the questions can be customised for every individual review cycle.

Yes, OfficePortal performance management software has two rating methods, 5 rating and 10 rating methods.

There are two assessments in the performance management tool. At first, the employee has to perform a self-assessment for the current cycle. Then the manager will perform the manager assessment for every employee who reports to him.

The OfficePortal performance management software is very reliable. It helps identify the employees falling under different buckets and facilitates organising training & development programs within the organisation and giving accurate performance appraisals.

OfficePortal performance appraisal tool helps evaluate an employee's skills, achievements, development, and shortcomings. Companies conduct performance appraisals to give employees accurate feedback on their work/performance and ensure that the salary increment and bonuses are justified. With Performance reviews, they may also decide on the termination of employment for some employees/non-performers.

Performance appraisal helps employees enhance their strengths, identify their weaknesses, improve those skills they fall short of and help them grow. This way, Performance management, helps to increase employee Morale, which helps in increased productivity for the organisation

The bucket type describes the ranges of employee ratings. Each range will have a performance definition like "Meets the expectation", "Exceeds the expectations"  and many.

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