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Online Shift Rota Software

Create, edit and manage your team's schedules with OfficePortal Shift Rota Planner. Design to support multiple teams with multiple shifts for multiple work areas.

Officeportal Shift Rota Software

Best way to plan your employee shifts

Affordable, Intuitive, Comprehensive, Shift Rota and Attendance Software.


Roster your employee's shifts for different departments, locations, jobs and work areas easily.


OfficePortal has integrated a comprehensive attendance management system with biometric device integration.


Roll out custom shift policies to handle late and early check-ins. Configure check-in checkout reminders.


Check your employees from shift after a specific time, receive reminders for late and early entries.

Comprehensive attendance management system

OfficePortal Shift Rota Tool has a built-in attendance management system to help you manage your employee's attendance. You don't need to manage your employee's attendance using an excel sheet anymore. OfficePortal Attendance management system supports three different ways of clocking employee's time. Employees can perform check-in and checkout through Biometric devices, Automatic and Manually.

Time tracking Software
Grace Period Policy

Grace Period Policy

OfficePortal Attendance and Shift Rota Planner have a rule-based grace period policy to manage and improve employee's late arrival and early exit. This Rule engine can automatically mark specific hours or days absent because of late entry. Multiple rules can be added to support a flexible grace period policy. The employees can also receive a reminder when they are about to reach the grace period policy limit through their mobile app, notification on the OfficePortal HR application, and email box.

Reminder to check-in and check-out

We received numerous requests to implement the shift reminders. Some employees may sometimes forget to check in or check out, which may cause a pay cut to the employee, or the organization may lose some money. Our shift reminder engine can remind the employees to check-in and out before and after the shift through their mobile app, a notification on the OfficePortal HR application, and an email box.

If the employees checked in late to the shift, a notification could be configured to their reporting manager to inform them about the employee's late arrival. OfficePortal Shift Rota system supports auto-checkout functionality. If the employees forget to check out, the shift engine will automatically check out the employee from the shift.

Reminder to check-in and check-out
Insightful Shift Reports

Insightful Shift Reports

OfficePortal Shift Rota and Attendance tool exhibits work pattern of your employees through several reports such as check-in check-out report, early-late bird report, attendance report. These reports can be exported in CSV format.

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Employee monitoring software is a new generation tool to help the organization track employee performance, work, efficiency and also helps to understand the employee's work pattern. Every business has its monitoring methods to measure productivity, track attendance, internet usage to ensure security, and collect proof of hours worked. However, OfficePortal has approached uniquely. OfficePortal is the first tool that connects all the dots starts like employee database management, productivity measurement, attendance tracker, time-off (PTO) tracking, asset tracking, performance management, user activity tracking such as website and application usage, auto check-in check-out, biometric integration and much more.

OfficePortal Employee Monitoring Software can provide active, idle time, screenshots, keystrokes, websites and applications used, along with productivity data.

OfficePortal is not just an employee monitoring software but also a comprehensive HR software. Remote work tracking is just a part of OfficePortal. However, the suitability of the monitoring module depends on several factors.

Is your team working remotely?

If your team fully or partially works from remote or have freelancers, you may need to consider using OfficePortal Employee Monitoring Software. It is easy to get distracted by social media, games, and video streaming sites when people work remotely. The Performance tracking and screen monitoring software can track these time wastage activities, and you can improve your team productivity by discussing with them along with the detailed data.

Is your team uses computers for their work?

It is not easy to understand your team's work pattern measure their velocity and productivity. OfficePortal employee monitoring software can help you improve your employee's productivity by providing detailed analytical data, including tools they used and how productive when they used that tool.

Yes, you can install OfficePortal employee monitoring software on the windows servers.

Every keystroke and screenshot are encrypted and securely stored on Microsoft Azure Datacenters and can be decrypted only by your organisation.

No, Unless you say them, they will not know that the system takes screenshots. However, you can share their data throw the portal if you provide rights.

Yes, the OfficePortal employee monitoring agent works under stealth mode.

No, The agent will ignore sensitive pages. You can also control this through application monitoring settings. You can prohibit screenshots and Keystrokes for specific applications and websites.

Employee monitoring comes as part of the Elite version. The pricing has the details.

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