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OfficePortal is a highly intuitive, all-in-one HRMS software designed to streamline your organizational management effortlessly, accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Exclusive Features

All In One HRMS System

Step into the world of our HRMS system, where every feature is crafted with the modern workforce in mind. It's a platform that covers the full organization needs, ensuring your business stays ahead in managing its most valuable asset – its people. With our HR software, you get more than just a tool; you get a partner in enhancing your HR strategies and operations

Employee Database

Manage all your employee's complete records safe and securely under one place and control employee access. Customize what employees can see.

Leave Tracker (PTO)

Manage leave policies on the fly and have a complete tracking on the employee absence management. Stay relaxed using our robust leave accrual system.

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Attendance Tracker

Employees attendance can be captured and managed by manual web-check. Utilize our monitoring tool to make it automated without a need of a Bio-Metric device.

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Performance Management

Customize and run your performance cycle with Flexible bucket types, brand specific assessment questions, employee's goal tracking.

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Employee Monitoring

Let's you track employee's computer activities, check-in/check-out, active and idle times, calculate productivity, Live activity and online status tracking.

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Project Management

Create and manage projects and tasks worked by employees. Task board and workflow helps employees to submit timesheet for managers approval and generate report.

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Streamline your payroll process with fully integrated attendance module, offering simplified expense management and reimbursements. With just a single click easily issue payslips to your employees.

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Exclusive social media inside organization to promote healthy and professional communication. Share Text, Photo Albums of Happy Moments, Awards, Announcements.

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Asset Management

Managing the assets in the organization is never made so easy ever before. Add In-Stock devices, Assign, Revoke an asset easily without any hassle.

No more manual payroll for India

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual payroll calculations. With advanced automation, our HR Software ensures accurate and timely payroll processing. It seamlessly handles expenses, reimbursements, leave encashements, and integrates with the attendance module to simplify PTO and loss of pay calculations. Plus, issuing payslips is just a click away. This modern solution not only streamlines your payroll tasks but also optimizes your HR operations for better efficiency and accuracy

OfficePortal HRMS payroll automation system for India

Biometric Attendance

OfficePortal HRMS offers versatile attendance tracking, including web check-in from any location, geo-fenced entries, and biometric options for office-based staff. Remote workers can benefit from automatic monitoring tool punches. With support for a wide range of biometric devices, our HRMS system enhances HR software capabilities, ensuring flexible and accurate attendance management. For integration details, contacting our support team is recommended

OfficePortal HRMS attendance tracking features, including web check-in, biometric options, and remote monitoring tools

Centralized secured document storage.

OfficePortal HRMS offers a comprehensive documents directory, streamlining the secure management of all employee-related documents within a unified HR software system. Emphasizing robust data security, the HRMS system encrypts each document client-side using unique encryption keys specifically generated for each organization. Additionally, OfficePortal HRMS enhances document security through role-based access controls, ensuring that documents are protected with appropriate permissions. This integration of advanced security features within the HR software not only optimizes document management efficiency but also reinforces the safeguarding of sensitive HR data, embodying the pinnacle of HRMS solutions.

OfficePortal Protected HR Document Storage

Office 365 integration

OfficePortal and Microsoft Office 365 collaborate effortlessly, ensuring smooth access on desktop, web, and mobile platforms. This integration facilitates single sign-on, blending the functionalities of our system with Office 365's tools to streamline operations. The outcome is a more efficient workflow and an enhanced user experience.

OfficePortal Office365 Integration

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Track employee productivity

OfficePortal HRMS's Employee productivty tracking Software offers a comprehensive solution for tracking and enhancing workforce productivity. It features live status updates, productivity tracking by classifying apps and websites, encrypted screenshot capture, and keystroke documentation for privacy-respecting oversight. Tailored for real-time insights and performance improvement, it ensures secure, efficient employee management without micromanagement

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Trusted by more than 1000+ companies. All in one HR and Payroll platform can make everyone's life in your organization simpler.

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