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Best Employee Monitoring Software

Discover how your Employees use their time without Micromanaging them.

Employee Monitoring Software

Understand how your team works

Affordable, Intuitive, Comprehensive, Employee Monitoring Software.


Get live data of employee’s first, last seen, active screen, background screens, active and idle time.


Track productive and non-productive hours by individually classifying apps and websites.​


Record non-intrusive and encrypted periodic screenshots to determine the workload and distractions.​


Document encrypted keystrokes to provide insight into employee activities without compromising privacy.​

Boost Employee Productivity with Classified, Observed and Refined App Usage.

With in-depth real-time data insights into employee productivity and work patterns, you'll have the tools you need to reach your goals and meet deadlines. The simple and detailed data analysis provides a clear understanding of department performance metrics. And with fully customizable settings, you can tailor the monitoring to your specific needs and measure employees' performance accurately.

Classify Productive Applications

Classify productive and unproductive websites and applications to calibrate employees' and team productivity.

Observe Employee Productivity

Analyse how your team uses websites and apps to understand their work pattern with real-time productivity data.

Refine Productive Applications

Redefine the productive and unproductive apps and websites to enhance their productivity.

Improve Employee Productivity

Frequent optimisation of apps and website classification will improve your team's and employees' productivity.

Officeportal Employee-Monitoring Software Productivity Analytics
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Employee Performance Tracking​

OfficePortal Employee Monitoring Software helps track employee productivity, including websites accessed and applications used. The software has unique, highly configurable personalized settings to categorize productive and non-productive hours of usage. Employee Computer Monitoring Software helps determine the active and idle time of the work from home employees, freelancers, contractors, and remote-based consultants.

OfficePortal employee monitoring software encrypted screenshots

Enhance Employee Monitoring with Encrypted Screenshots

Experience ultimate security and privacy with OfficePortal Employee Monitoring Software. Our solution operates in stealth mode and is fully encrypted to ensure non-intrusive monitoring. Customize screenshot intervals to fit your needs.

You have the option to disable screenshot capturing for individual employees or specific groups or for a specific application. The software captures keystrokes and periodic screenshots, transferring the information to you for analysis. Keep an eye on remote workers and contractors with ease, using our encrypted screenshot feature to monitor their productivity over time.

Keystrokes To Analyse Security Breaches

Optional Keystroke Recording

Employees' keystrokes can be recorded for added insight into their activities. This feature is optional and can be disabled for specific employees, teams, or applications.

Encrypted Keystroke Storage

Rest assured that your employees' keystrokes are securely stored, with encryption to protect sensitive information. Passwords are not captured for added security.

Improved remote team Visibility

Keep an eye on remote employees and contractors with ease, using keystroke recording to monitor their productivity over time. This feature provides added visibility into work-from-home activities, helping to identify potential security breaches.

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Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

Increased Productivity

Employee monitoring software can help increase productivity by providing real-time visibility into employee activity. This information can help managers identify areas where employees may be wasting time or not working efficiently. By addressing these issues, managers can increase employee productivity and improve overall performance.

Improved Workplace Accountability

Employee monitoring software can also help improve accountability in the workplace. By tracking employee activity, managers can ensure that employees are following company policies and meeting expectations. This can help to create a more structured and organized workplace, where employees are held accountable for their actions.

Better Time Management

Employee monitoring software can also help improve time management by providing detailed information on how employees are spending their time. This information can help managers to identify areas where employees are wasting time and make adjustments to their schedules or workloads.

Reduced Costs

Finally, employee monitoring software can help reduce costs by reducing the need for manual monitoring and by improving productivity. By automating the monitoring process, organizations can reduce the amount of time and resources needed to monitor employee activity. Additionally, by improving productivity and reducing the time employees spend on non-essential tasks, organizations can save money in the long run. You can check the pricing of OfficePortal from this pricing page.

Best Practices for Implementing Employee Monitoring Software

Develop a Clear Policy

Before implementing employee monitoring software, it is important to develop a clear policy outlining the purpose, scope, and limitations of the software. The policy should also detail how the software will be used, who will have access to the data collected, and how data privacy will be protected. This policy should be communicated to all employees, along with any relevant legal or ethical considerations.

Provide Employee Training

Employee training is an important step in ensuring the success of an employee monitoring software implementation. Employees should be trained on how the software works, its benefits, and the expectations for use. This training can help employees understand the purpose of the software and how it will impact their work.

Ensure Data Privacy when using Employee Monitoring Software

Productivity monitoring software collects a large amount of data, which can include sensitive information. It is important to ensure that this data is stored securely and that access to it is limited to authorized personnel. Employers must also comply with data protection regulations, such as GDPR in the European Union.

Regularly Review and Evaluate

Finally, it is important to regularly review and evaluate the use of employee monitoring software. This can help to identify areas where the software is providing value and where improvements can be made. It can also help to ensure that the software is being used in compliance with company policies and relevant regulations. Regular review and evaluation can help to ensure that employee monitoring software continues to provide value to the organization.

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OfficePortal offers cutting-edge employee monitoring software, providing deep insights into productivity and work habits. Unlike basic computer monitoring, OfficePortal offers a holistic view by integrating several key features:

  • Productivity Measurement & User Activity Tracking:
    Beyond tracking attendance and ensuring security, our software analyzes productivity and monitors user activity, including application and website usage.
  • Comprehensive HR Integration:
    Combines employee directory management, performance management, and asset tracking in one platform.
  • Advanced Time Management:
    Features automated check-in/check-out and paid time-off tracking, supported by biometric integration for accuracy.
  • Seamless Attendance Tracking:
    Our system simplifies attendance monitoring, integrating seamlessly with your existing HR processes.

With OfficePortal, businesses gain a robust solution for enhancing employee performance, making it the ultimate tool for modern workforce management.

OfficePortal Employee Monitoring Software offers a wealth of benefits, including tracking of active and idle time, capturing screenshots, recording keystrokes, monitoring website and application usage, and providing detailed productivity data. With these insights, businesses can improve overall employee efficiency and productivity, protect sensitive information, and make informed decisions to drive their organization forward.

Deciding if OfficePortal's employee monitoring software fits your business needs hinges on your operational structure and the nature of your workforce.

  • For Remote and Hybrid Teams:
    OfficePortal is a game-changer for businesses with remote or hybrid teams, including freelancers. It's designed to combat common at-home distractions (e.g., social media, streaming sites) by leveraging remote work tracking and screen monitoring tools. These features ensure that distractions are minimized, and productivity is maximized, offering insights into active versus idle times and application usage.
  • Computer-Dependent Workforces:
    In today's digital age, where teams rely on computers for the majority of their tasks, OfficePortal provides an essential service. It delivers real-time analytics and performance tracking, offering a clear view of productivity levels and tool utilization. This data is crucial for understanding and improving work patterns, making OfficePortal a vital tool for any business focused on efficiency.
  • A Comprehensive HR Management Tool:
    More than just employee monitoring software, OfficePortal integrates employee productivity tracking, attendance tracking, and performance management into a single, cohesive platform. This integration makes it an excellent choice for businesses seeking to streamline HR processes and enhance workforce management.

Whether your team is navigating the challenges of remote work or you're looking to gain deeper insights into computer-based productivity, OfficePortal offers the tools and data necessary to propel your organization forward.

Yes, OfficePortal Employee Monitoring Software can be installed on Windows servers, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.

Your data is secure with OfficePortal. Every keystroke and screenshot is encrypted and stored in Microsoft Azure data centers, ensuring that only your organization has access to the decrypted information.

No, remote team members will not be aware of screenshot capturing unless you inform them. However, you have the option to share the data with them through the portal by granting appropriate permissions. OfficePortal operates on role-based security, so every level of access is customizable to meet your needs.

Yes, the OfficePortal employee monitoring agent operates in stealth mode, making it undetectable on client computers.

No, the OfficePortal employee monitoring agent will ignore sensitive keystrokes, such as passwords. This can also be controlled through the application monitoring settings. You have the option to prohibit screenshots and keystroke capture for specific applications, websites, or users.

OfficePortal Employee Monitoring software is part of the Elite version of OfficePortal HRMS. You can try it for free with no credit card required. For pricing information and details about the different versions available, please visit our pricing page.


Call centers and business process outsourcing play a crucial role in large businesses, but managing hundreds or thousands of employees can be a challenge. That's why OfficePortal has become a popular choice for these large teams.

With seamless integration into standard operations, OfficePortal monitors each team member's activity as they provide support and service. The software delivers individual and team performance, productivity, and activity reports by collecting, analysing, and structuring data from day-to-day processes. Customized reports, including the amount of time spent on calls, can be provided to management to improve support, service, and customer feedback.

OfficePortal has a built-in task management feature that allows team members to capture notes and serve customers more effectively.

OfficePortal Employee monitoring software can help you select the best employee monitoring software. You can benchmark any other Computer monitoring software with OfficePortal. Consider following aspects before you purchase one.

  1. Identify your goals for employee monitoring:

    OfficePortal Employee monitoring software provides a range of features that can help you achieve your monitoring goals. For example, the real-time monitoring feature allows you to track your team's activities in real-time and receive notifications if they're not focused on the task at hand. With website and app blocking, you can prevent your team from accessing distracting websites or applications. And with employee screenshot monitoring, you can capture screenshots of your team's activities at regular intervals, which can be useful for identifying potential issues or for training purposes.

  2. Consider the makeup of your team:

    OfficePortal Employee monitoring software is a versatile solution that can be used to monitor teams of all sizes and configurations. Whether you have a remote team or an in-office team, the software can be easily installed and configured to meet your needs. With its lightweight and small footprint, OfficePortal Employee monitoring software doesn't affect system performance, making it an ideal choice for organizations of all sizes.

  3. Determine which features you need:

    OfficePortal Employee monitoring software provides a comprehensive suite of features that can help you track your team's activities, productivity, attendance, and more. For example, the time and attendance feature allows you to automate time tracking and attendance, including biometric attendance integration. The software also provides productivity analysis and long-term data storage, which can be useful for identifying trends and making data-driven decisions. Additionally, the software includes a complete payroll system with compliance, configurable screenshots, project and task time tracking, role-based security, asset management, and an intranet social media platform, among other features.

  4. Assess the cost of OfficePortal Employee monitoring software before you purchase the other expensive product:

    OfficePortal Employee monitoring software is an affordable solution that provides excellent value for money. The software comes with a range of pricing plans, including monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly license plans, making it easy to find a plan that fits your budget. The software also doesn't require complex hardware installations, which can save you time and money on setup and installation.

  5. Look for a solution that can grow with you:

    OfficePortal Employee monitoring software is a scalable solution that can grow and evolve with your organization. The software provides a range of customization options, so you can tailor it to your organization's specific needs. Additionally, the software provides a user-friendly interface and straightforward installation process, making it easy to use and manage even as your organization grows.

    In conclusion, OfficePortal Employee monitoring software is a reliable and comprehensive employee monitoring solution that provides a range of features and tools to help you achieve your monitoring goals. By considering your organization's monitoring goals, the makeup of your team, the features you need, and the cost of the software, you can select the best employee monitoring software for your organization. With OfficePortal Employee monitoring software, you can ensure that your team is focused on the tasks at hand, and achieve your organization's goals.

Yes, OfficePortal Employee Monitoring is available on mobile devices through apps that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. This allows you to monitor your employees from anywhere, at any time, directly from your mobile device. For more information on how to install and set up the mobile apps, please refer to the help page.

Successful companies use employee monitoring software for several reasons. According to Harvard Business Review, effectively managing time, talent, and energy can increase enterprise productivity by 40%. Employee monitoring software provides valuable insights into employee work patterns and helps to identify areas for improvement, increasing productivity. In addition, it enhances security by detecting suspicious activity and preventing data breaches. Finally, it provides a clearer understanding of team performance and helps companies make data-driven decisions, contributing to overall business success.

OfficePortal Computer Monitoring can track various types of employee activity including application and website usage, active and idle time, keystrokes, mouse clicks, and productivity. It can also take periodic screenshots, label websites and applications as productive or unproductive, and track time spent on each type. The software is fully configurable, allowing you to tailor the monitoring settings to your specific needs.

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