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Effective Time Tracking Software

Figure out the time utilisation of your resources to manage them effectively.

OfficePortal time tracker software

Discover project-wise time management of your employees

An Intuitive, flexible and in-depth time-tracking software


Create as many clients as required and store their necessary information.


Build any number of projects against the clients created and allocate the appropriate contributors for them.


Set up the boards for these projects, which will help you to track the tasks related to them and their current state


Easy-to-fill-out timesheets help you to identify the billable and non-billable hours spent by your employees.

My team attendance

Employee Timesheet Software

Filling Timesheets is often the most boring activity for an employee. Our Intuitive design makes it easier for the employees to fill up the Timesheets on a daily/weekly basis. Save as draft, and Partial weekly submission enables the employees to fill and submit timesheets on the go. OfficePortal Time tracking software defines the timesheet flow in a systemic process of creating client and projects information first. Then, an employee must choose the project and tasks to fill the hours.

Adaptive Approval Workflow

OfficePortal has an easy-to-use approval workflow, with Inbox having all the pending Timesheets as actionable items. Unique features like Delegation to a substitute or alternate approver and the facility to revoke an approved timesheet and resubmit it make the system totally flexible. Customising approval workflow is easy, and you can define multiple and hierarchical levels of approvers.

Save as Draft

Employees can save the timesheet in the draft state and review it before submitting it for approval.

Partial/Complete Submission

Employees can fill out the timesheet and submit it partially or for the whole week for compliance.

Approve/Reject Timesheet

Approvers can take action on the timesheet submitted from Inbox by approving/rejecting it.

Revoke and Resubmit

Approvers can revoke the timesheets for corrections, and employees can resubmit them for approval.

Officeportal Employee-Monitoring Software Productivity Analytics
OfficePortal biometric Integration

Optimal Resource Utilisation

OfficePortal gives a comprehensive dashboard for the management to look at the Team’s Timesheet details with a billable and non-billable break-up. This dashboard will also have an option to revoke accepted timesheets if necessary. This pictorially represented information gives an idea about the time the resources spend on projects. This data will help make a quick decision towards Optimal Resource utilisation and better Project Management.

Task Management Software

The organisation can create multiple private and public boards for a project. These boards are highly flexible and adaptive. Our Task Management Software can use to implement various processes, such as CRM, Recruitment Tracking, and DevOps software development(Kanban).

Private/Public Boards

Public boards will be accessed by all project contributors, whereas private boards can be accessed only by the members added.

Task allocation

Any number of tasks can be created for each board and can have multiple members allocated to it simultaneously.

Task processes

Members can comment, reply, react and add multiple files as attachments on tasks for any clarifications and guidance.


The employee can fill in the timesheet data on the go for a specific task on the task board.

Officeportal Employee-Monitoring Software Productivity Analytics

Flexible Shift Management

Shift scheduling becomes trouble-free with our highly intuitive and robust shift management system which will help you to create as many shifts as required. With the help of our shift reminding engine, you can remind the employees to check-in before and check-out after the shift by sending out mobile app and email notifications.

Set up the grace period policy for each shifts if required so that the employees can be given a proper warning and automatically mark the specific hours or days absent for their late arrivals.

OfficePortal Shifts
OfficePortal Geo fencing

Geo-Fencing Attendance

On a push of a button in the OfficePortal Web or Mobile app, an employee can easily Sign-In or Sign-Out for a workday. With Geo-Fencing enabled, you can manage the employee attendance by allowing them to check-in/check-out from your office, client and field location as required by setting up the necessary geo-location settings for specific departments, office locations and specific employees.

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Time tracking software is a tool that helps businesses and individuals keep track of their time and activities. It allows users to log their hours worked, track project progress, and monitor the productivity of their employees.

OfficePortal Employee Monitoring Software can provide active, idle time, screenshots, keystrokes, websites and applications used, along with productivity data.

Yes, you can update all your client details In OfficePortal. There is no limit to adding clients.

Yes, OfficePortal time tracker software has a fully featured task board feature, and you can create public and private boards. The task board has a list view and board view with drag-and-drop support. The task owner or assignee can upload documents and assign the task to someone. Each task can have a due date to complete, tags, priority and many more. The people associated with the task can fill the time spent directly.

Every keystroke and screenshot are encrypted and securely stored on Microsoft Azure Datacenters and can be decrypted only by your organisation.

No, Unless you say them, they will not know that the system takes screenshots. However, you can share their data throw the portal if you provide rights.

Yes, the OfficePortal employee monitoring agent works under stealth mode.

No, The agent will ignore sensitive pages. You can also control this through application monitoring settings. You can prohibit screenshots and Keystrokes for specific applications and websites.

Employee monitoring comes as part of the Elite version. The pricing has the details.


See What Our Users Have to Say About Our Time Tracker Software


OfficePortal is the best Portal for tracking attendance online.

The software has been amazing for my team, receiving excellent feedback after a week of usage. It answers the three key questions we have about our team: What tasks were accomplished today? How much time was spent on a particular project? Which projects are currently being worked on? Additionally, the software offers the feature to distinguish between billable and non-billable tasks, which we will definitely use. It has all the necessary features, without any unnecessary complications, making it easy to use and intuitive. The fact that it is free for the basic functions is a bonus. Overall, it is perfect for our needs. 5-star rating.
Adam J
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