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Leave Management Software

Create flexible Time-Off Policies that suit your organization with OfficePortal Leave Tracker

OfficePortal Leave Management Software

Affordable, Intuitive, Comprehensive, Absence Management Software

Excel sheet is not meant to track your employees' PTO.


Location, department, role, service period, marital status, gender based leave policies.


Define your multilevel leave approval workflow and get them approved through mobile apps on the go.


Rule-based Carry forward and encashment of unused time-offs made simple with OfficePortal Leave Tracker.


Built in support to run your organization from multiple location with different calendar year.

Flexible Leave Policies

OfficePortal Leave Tracker has the facility to create flexible time-off policies to support various types of leaves, such as Earned leave, Sick leave, maternity leave, restricted leave and more. You can create hourly, monthly, service, location, gender, role-based leave policies. The employees can get their Time-Offs accrued monthly, quarterly, half-yearly annually as per your organization policy.

The advanced settings of the OfficePortal Leave Tracker module can provide significant control over clubbing different time-offs, the number of days employees can apply and much more.

Flexible leave policies
OfficePortal biometric Integration

All Accrued Leaves In One Place

OfficePortal “My Leaves” section can display the employee’s all accrued time-offs in one place. They can check their current PTO balance and their leave application status from here. Employees can apply for their PTO, and managers can approve the time-offs through mobile apps. OfficePortal has a sophisticated notification system to alert through Mobile Apps, Web Application push notifications, and email notifications.

Customize Leave Balance

Sometimes the organization needs your employees to work over the weekend, or the business demands some overtime, but the employees deserve compensation time-off. With OfficePortal Customize leave balance section, employees leave balance can be increased or decreased quickly.

OfficePortal Shifts
OfficePortal Geo fencing

Location Based Holiday Calendar

With OfficePortal, you can run multiple branches of your organization from different continents. To support multiple locations, your employees should have access to location-based holidays. OfficePortal Holiday System allows you to create location-based recursive and non-recursive holidays.

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Alex Martinez


Yes, With the OfficePortal leave management software, you will have an option to create different leave types with different policies for your organisation.

Yes, In the OfficePortal leave management software, you can customise the leaves based on an employee's experience.

Yes, the time-off software allows the employees to apply for the leaves taken in the past.

Yes, the OfficePortal leave tracker policy has options to enable the carry forward and encashments of leaves.

Yes, the OfficePortal vacation tracking software has options where you can enable the pro-rata accrual for leave types.

The annual leave tracker policy provides an option to create leave types that can be made applicable to roles, genders, departments, marital status and office locations.

Yes, the OfficePortal leave tracker software allows the organisation to mark the leave as "Loss of Pay" after the employee has exhausted/consumed his leave balance.

The OfficePortal time-off software has settings where you can set the number of days before the employee must apply for leave.

The leave management software has options to specify the leaves as paid or unpaid.


In the leave record software, there is an option to customise and identify each leave type with a colour code.

In the Leave tracker software OfficePortal, you can customise the setting to allow the employee to take leave during the notice period.

Yes, OfficePortal the leave application software has options to customise the settings where you can allow the employee to apply for half-day leave for the specified leave type.

In the paid time off software, you can customise the settings to consider the holidays as leave that falls between the leaves.

In the OfficePortal time-off management leave tracker, we have an option to customise the settings where you can restrict the clubbing of multiple leave types.

The vacation off leave tracker allows you to update the settings where you mark the weekend as leaves that fall between the leaves.

We have an option to update the number of consecutive days allowed for each leave type in the leave tracking software.

The leave management tracker allows managers to apply for leaves on behalf of their employees.

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