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Simple and Accurate Payroll Software

Indian payroll calculation made hassle-free for you.

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HR Payroll Software for stressless months ends

Effortless payroll management with complete compliance support


Automatic EPF, ESI, PT, LWF and TDS calculations are done perfectly in every pay run.


We have tailor-made salary components and provisions to create custom components according to industry standards.


Simplified process for the employees to claim their expenses and reimbursements in their payroll.


Now you can prioritise your monthly payrolls based on locations and bands and have multiple pay runs processed simultaneously.

Customizable Salary Structures and Components​

The OfficePortal Payroll Software allows organizations to customize their employees' CTC structures with a variety of salary components. Create salary templates for groups of employees with similar CTC structures for efficient payroll management.​

Earning components

create multiple earning components to meet the specific needs of your organization, and easily make them active or inactive as needed.

Statutory compliance

Easily manage employee-specific statutory deductions such as EPF, ESI, and PT, with the flexibility to enable or disable them based on company preferences.

Flexible benefit plans

The software effectively handles FBP components for tax savings, benefiting individual employees.

Pre & post tax deductions

The system allows for the implementation and integration of variable deductions such as VPF, Salary Advance, and more.

Configurable salary structures and components
OfficePortal biometric Integration

Integration of Payroll and Attendance Tracking Software

The OfficePortal Payroll Software is seamlessly integrated with an attendance and leave tracking system to accurately calculate prorated salaries for each employee during the pay run.

The pay run preview feature provides an employee-wise breakdown of the salary calculation, including the number of days processed and a breakdown of each component. This allows for easy editing of individual employee attendance and recalculation of payroll if necessary. .

TDS Declaration and Proof Validation

The OfficePortal Payroll Software enables employees to submit their income tax declaration at the start of the financial year for tax savings and accurate TDS calculations. During the last quarter of the financial year, employees can submit their proof of investment (POI) to support their IT declaration. Submitted documents are reviewed and approved by designated managers, with the option to recalculate if necessary.

Flexible Submission Period

The organization has the ability to lock and unlock a designated period of time for employees to submit their IT declaration and POI. This workflow is designed to be more efficient than any other Indian Payroll Software.

Configurable salary structures and components
Payroll Approval Workflow

Preview, Approve, and Process Payroll with Workflow Hierarchy

The OfficePortal Payroll Software allows companies to run multiple payrolls in a single month for different locations and departments. The system also gives the option to withhold or skip individual employees from the pay run, if necessary. The initiation and approval of pay runs are based on the configured user roles, giving organizations the flexibility to manage their payroll process efficiently. At the end of the pay run, companies can easily download the bank advice document to credit employee salaries to their bank accounts.

Payroll Imports and Payslip Downloads

The software provides the ability to import previous month's payroll data with the use of dynamic templates. Employees can access their payslips and TDS calculations for every pay run, providing transparency and ease of access to payroll information.

Payroll Summary and Reports

The OfficePortal Payroll Software generates a comprehensive summary report for each new pay run, including a Cost Summary, Employee Summary, and Taxes and Deductions Summary, providing an overview of the organization's financial budgeting and planning.

Draft Status and Pay Run Alterations

Newly created pay runs are in draft status and can be submitted, approved, and completed with payment initiation. The system also provides options to revoke, reject, and edit pay runs, making it easy to make any necessary alterations.

Reports Export and Download

The software's reporting features include the ability to export data to Excel for easy viewing and interpretation, including Payroll Cost Summary, Employee CTC Details, and Employee Salary Statements. Payslips and TDS calculations can also be easily downloaded in PDF format.

Payroll Summary

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Officeportal Payroll software is a computer program that automates the process of calculating, tracking, and paying employees. It helps companies manage their payroll functions, including tracking time worked, calculating salaries and wages, handling tax deductions, and generating paychecks or direct deposit statements.

OfficePortal Payroll Software is a cloud-based payroll system that automates the payroll process, making it more efficient, accurate, and secure. With this business payroll management software, businesses can easily calculate and track employee pay, handle tax deductions, and generate pay stubs and other payroll-related documents. The software can also integrate with other HR and accounting systems, making it easy to manage all payroll-related tasks from a single platform.

Payroll is a critical component of any business, and having a reliable and efficient payroll system is crucial. OfficePortal Payroll Software streamlines the payroll process, reduces the risk of errors, saves time, and ensures compliance with tax laws and regulations. With payroll software in place, businesses can focus on other essential aspects of their operations, such as growing their business and providing exceptional customer service.

The payroll section allows employers to add statutory components like EPF (Employees' Provident Fund), ESI (Employees' State Insurance), Professional Tax, and Labour Welfare Fund. This ensures that all statutory requirements are met and that employees receive their correct entitlements.

With OfficePortal Payroll Software, you can be confident that your payroll processes are in good hands, giving you more time to focus on what matters most: your business and your customers.

The OfficePortal Payroll Management Software operates on a monthly basis, using the one-time pay schedule settings configured by the administrator or designated "Payroll Admin" user. The system is designed to streamline and automate the payroll process, making it efficient and accurate.

To run a successful pay run in OfficePortal HRMS, it is important that the employee salary details and statutory options are properly configured and their attendance for the relevant pay period has been recorded. With these prerequisites in place, the pay run can be initiated to process the employees' salaries.

Yes, it's possible to create multiple pay runs for the same pay period or month in OfficePortal Payroll Management System. To do so, you can utilize the location and band filters to create separate pay runs for specific groups of employees. For example, you can create a pay run for a group of employees based on their location or a group of employees belonging to the same brand. This feature provides you with the flexibility to manage your payroll according to your specific requirements.

In OfficePortal Payroll Software, you can easily pay your employees' bank accounts through the use of bank advice documents. This feature supports various banks, including ICICI Bank, HDFC, HSBC, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and more. You can download csv or excel document and upload it in your corporate net banking portal.  If your bank is not currently supported, simply reach out to the Officeportal support team. They will be happy to assist you in getting your bank added to the list of available options, at no additional cost to you.

Yes, it's possible to process employee expenses reimbursement through payroll in the OfficePortal Payroll Software. The software provides a convenient and efficient way to handle these reimbursements. Employees can submit their expenses using the default categories available in OfficePortal, or by creating new categories as per their preference. The submitted expense reimbursements will then be available in the "Inbox" for approval by the employee's reporting manager, who can then proceed with the payment process. This feature streamlines the expenses reimbursement process, making it a hassle-free experience for both employees and managers.

The "Configurable Salary Components" feature in the OfficePortal Payroll Software allows for greater flexibility in the calculation of each component of an employee's salary. In this system, each component can be calculated as a flat amount, a percentage of the cost to the company, or a percentage of the employee's gross salary. Additionally, components can be included or excluded when calculating EPF and ESI wages, and can even be adjusted on a pro-rata basis based on attendance.

The payroll process in OfficePortal can be efficiently managed through a hierarchical workflow system based on user roles. The administrator, with the highest level of authority, has the ability to approve pay runs initiated by the designated "Payroll Admin" user, ensuring a smooth and organized payroll process.

Yes, you can easily generate payroll reports in the OfficePortal Payroll Software to analyze your payroll data. Reports are available for download in Excel format, allowing you to cross-check the accuracy of salary breakups. The following reports are currently available and more will be added in the future: Payroll Cost Summary, Employees' CTC Details, Employees' Salary Statement, EPF Summary, ESI Summary, and Professional Tax Summary.

The OfficePortal Payroll Software covers a wide range of Indian compliance requirements, including Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Employees' State Insurance Scheme (ESI), Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), Gratuity, and Professional Tax. The software is updated regularly to ensure compliance with any changes in government tax policies.

The OfficePortal Payroll Software enables you to easily generate professional and accurate payslips for your employees. These payslips can be easily distributed either in print form or electronically, and employees will be promptly notified of their pay records through the mobile app, email, or push notification.

Yes, the software offers the ability to import data from your existing payroll system, streamlining the transition process. All subsequent tax and salary component calculations will take into consideration the imported data.

Yes, the OfficePortal Payroll Software is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Simply follow this link to download and install the mobile app for your convenience.

Yes, the software comes with comprehensive customer support, including assistance via phone, email, and live chat to ensure that any questions or issues are promptly addressed.

The Salary Template in the OfficePortal Payroll Software serves as a pre-defined salary structure that can hold a variety of components such as Basic Pay, House Rent Allowance (HRA), Medical Allowance, Fixed Allowance, Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Employees' State Insurance Scheme (ESI), and more. Multiple salary templates can be created to accommodate different levels of employees within an organization. When creating a salary structure for an individual employee, a salary template can be used as-is or a new structure can be created on-the-fly. This feature streamlines the salary structure creation process and saves time.

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