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Lively Collaboration Software

Promotes healthy and professional communication among employees using OfficePortal's Intranet Social Media

Intranet Social Media

Exclusive collaborative tool within the organization

A system, like Social Media, to share happy moments, awards and announcements.


Share text, photo albums, videos and articles among your team members.


Organisations can make announcements to all employees here instead of sending emails.


Posted feeds and announcements can be visible only to specific employees, departments, etc., as you prefer.


Organisations can moderate feeds, comments and replies before posting to rule out unnecessary content.

Want to share something among your team or across the organisation?

Employee Feeds are your intranet social media within the office. It is more like 'What Employee Feels' and can be used to share anything technical or non-technical. What makes it more interesting is the feed posts are comments and reactions enabled to make the engagement lively and interactive. This social intranet tool helps you to share any content like text, images, videos, articles etc., among your colleagues within your organisation.

OfficePortal Intranet Social Media
Stay Connected

Stay connected from anywhere

Well. With our Portal, it is like working from connected homes. All the employees stay engaged within the teams with posts, pictures and technical articles. Employees share birthday wishes, photos of celebrations and other exciting events. With our feeds system, working from home feels closer to the teams than working in the office with the proximity of workspaces.

Do you want to eliminate unwanted content hovering around?

The collaboration tool is internal to the office, no doubt. However, the Portal gives great flexibility to control the posts floating inside the office.

The tool has the facility to Disable comments / Enable comments and to restrict which departments can post etc. Employees can control every post with Visibility Settings as to who can view the content. ​

Feed Settings

The framework to disable comments or set up a rule to moderate feeds, comments and replies at the organisation level.

Post Settings

Used to set guidelines to moderate or disable comments for an individual post, even if it is allowed in organisation-level settings.


The role of moderators will have access to moderate the comments and replies before getting published in the feeds section.

Pending Timeline

This section will allow the moderators to act upon approving or rejecting feeds, comments and replies for the feeds.

OfficePortal Post Moderation
OfficePortal Announcements​


The organisation-level announcement doesn't need to be sent via email anymore. This section in our Portal is instrumental in making company-level announcements regarding a Policy change or a 'Job well-done' notes, a new product or project announcements etc.,

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Intranet social media is a private social network within your organisation that fosters collaboration and communication. It allows employees to share posts, announcements, celebrate new joiners, and birthdays. Benefits include improved employee engagement, enhanced communication, and a stronger company culture.

OfficePortal Employee Monitoring Software can provide active, idle time, screenshots, keystrokes, websites and applications used, along with productivity data.

Yes, OfficePortal's Intranet Social Media includes robust moderation tools. Administrators can monitor posts and comments, set guidelines, and remove inappropriate content. This ensures a positive and respectful environment for all users.

OfficePortal's Intranet Social Media has features to announce and celebrate new joiners and birthdays. Employees can post welcome messages, birthday wishes, and share celebratory posts, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Yes, OfficePortal's Intranet Social Media can be customized to reflect your company’s culture. You can personalise themes, create specific groups, and set custom guidelines to ensure the platform aligns with your organisational values.

Data security is a top priority for OfficePortal's Intranet Social Media. The platform uses advanced encryption methods and secure protocols to protect your data. Regular security audits ensure that all information remains confidential and secure.

To get started with OfficePortal's Intranet Social Media, simply sign up on our website and follow the onboarding process. You can also contact our support team for a guided setup and personalised training sessions to help your team get the most out of the platform.

OfficePortal’s Intranet Social Media provides analytics to track engagement metrics such as post views, likes, comments, and overall interaction levels. These insights help you understand employee engagement and adjust your communication strategies accordingly.

Yes, OfficePortal's Intranet Social Media allows you to control the visibility of posts and announcements. You can set permissions to ensure that only specific groups or individuals within your organization can view or interact with certain content, enhancing privacy and relevance.

We use third-party services to give you the best user experience and to continuously improve it, however we will not sell your data to any one. These services use cookies. In order to be able to use these services, we need your consent first. I agree and can revoke or change my consent at any time with effect for the future.