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Work Anniversaries
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News Feed
Create and Share Photo Album
External Video Sharing
External Article Sharing
Comments and Replies
News Feed Moderations
Comments and Replies Moderations
Targeted Feed Sharing

Employee management

Employee Profile

Employee Self Service
Employee Directory
Secured Document Storage
Employee Inbox
Office 365 Single Sign-On

Leave Tracker

Sophisticated Leave Policies
Location Specific Calendar Settings
Location Specific Public Holidays Setup
Restricted (Floating) Holidays
Employee Time-Off Dashboard
Employee Time-Off Requests
Time-Off Approval (Inbox)
Approval Delegation (Inbox)
Carry Forward and Encashment Management
Leave Balance Customization
Compensatory Time-Off

Attendance Tracker

Work Shift Configuration
Manual Web Checkin / Checkout
Geo fencing
Automated Web Checkin / Checkout
Bio Metric Checkin / Checkout
Employee Attendance Dashboard
Employee Shift scheduling
Employee Daily Attendance Report
Team Attendance Report
Team Early / Late Report
Automated Overtime Calculation
(Coming Soon)

Project Management

Task board
Invoice Generation(Coming Soon)

Asset Management

Asset Directory
Barcode Generation
Asset Tracking
Asset Usage History
Automated Asset Configuration Fetching
(Windows Only)
Asset Configuration Monitoring
(Windows Only)

Employee Activity Monitoring (Windows)

Individual Daily Productivity
Date Range Individual Productivity
Most Used Applications / Web Sites
Time Spent Per Application
All Applications / Web Pages used
Realtime Activity
Individual Active Idle Time Calculation
Keystroke Recording
Screenshot Recording
Daily Team Productivity
Date Range Team Productivity
Team Specific Most Used Applications / Web Sites

Performance Management

Flexible Bucket Types Configuration
Configurable Review Cycles
Short Term Goals Tracking
Band Specific Cycle Questions
Self / Manager Assessment

Other Features

Robust Custom Role Configuration
Privilege Based Access (Field Level)
Configurable Email Notifications
Customizable Email Templates

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