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What is Geo fencing, how it works in OfficePortal?

Geofencing is the process of making a digital boundary around a geographical area.

This boundary, known as a geofence, can be used for various applications that can be done with GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi, or cellular data.

OfficePortal comes with smartphone GPS fencing.

OfficePortal Geofencing Circle fence
OfficePortal Geofencing Polygon fence

With this technology, employers can fence their office location. And once the fencing has been done, employees are not allowed to mark their attendance through a mobile app outside the fenced area.

For different locations, one can set different fencings. Hence if organizations have multiple branches, they can create fences for all branches & monitor the employees’ attendance from one place. To learn more about visit Attendance Tracker page.

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